Our Process

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Design & Manufacturing Process - How It Works

The production of your bespoke cabinetry is a staged process which starts when you first contact Burley Kitchens and Cabinetry.  Your plans are refined through collaborative design meetings leading to the presentation of concepts in 3D images using our CAD system, pricing and finalisation of details customised to suit your unique design.  We then project manage your job, undertaking site measures, production and installation.  Throughout this process we keep you informed of progress and liaise with you and your tradespeople to confirm installation schedules.

All our projects are custom designed and use only the best quality products, made in partnership with you to ​make your ideas a reality and enhance your home.

Stage 1 :  Contact Us

Please contact us directly to organise a preliminary meeting in our showroom or your home.  Click Here to contact us.



Stage 2 :  Discuss Your Project

Burley Kitchens and Cabinetry has a collaborative design style which involves sitting down with us for a chat. We'll discuss all your requirements in detail, while offering our recommendations and any other ideas into the mix. This will include the configuration of your kitchen space, to the materials used, the colours and other finishing details such as bench-top surfaces, sinkware, tapware and handles.

Stage 3 :  Site Measures & Inspection

Site measures are taken at relevant points in the process. Initially we will take measurements to give us a starting point for the plan. We will come back again once your home is at a stage of completion to allow for accurate measurements. 

Stage 4 :  Detailed Plan and Refinement

We supply 3D and CAD drawings to help you visualise the final product.  We work with you to refine the plans and to determine any other details. 

Stage 5 :  Formal Quote 

Burley Kitchens and Cabinetry will present you with a quotation and our terms of trade.  Once this is signed off and the initial payment is paid the project can progress to the manufacturing stage. We will meet with you to set an installation date, with continued liaison between our team and your builders, plumbers, electricians etc to confirm final installation date. We can also use our trusted Plumbers and Electricians who we use often and know their quality of work.


Stage 6 :  Manufacturing

We manufacture your kitchen at the Burley Kitchens & Cabinetry's factory, where we have all the tools and the space to make your kitchen creation come to life. We use the latest CAD and CNC technologies combined with the fine hand-craftsmanship skills of highly experienced tradespeople. Once we have finished the cabinetry we welcome you back to the factory to see how your kitchen looks.



Stage 7 :  Bells and Whistles

At Burley Kitchens & Cabinetry we do most of the work on our kitchens ourselves. However, there are a few things we need our partners to help out with. Once your kitchen has taken shape and all the joinery has been completed, we'll send the cabinetry out for the finishing. On its return we reassemble everything and quality check everything is as it should be. Once we have completed our checks we break it down and pack it up ready for transportation and installation.



Stage 8 :  Installation

Your kitchen is carefully unpacked and put together on-site. If you have chosen Stone or Granite Benchtops please allow another 10-12 business days to be templated and installed. While your benchtop is being made we can fit a temporary bench top if required. Burley Kitchens & Cabinetry liaises throughout the job with relevant construction professionals including, builders, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters and tilers etc.



Stage 9 :  Project Completion

The project is formally signed off when production and installation quality standards have been met and the final payment for the project has been made. Enjoy your new space!!